About Dudhdhara Dairy

Bharuch district is one of the potential districts in Narmada .The milk shed area of the bharuch district is from Baroda to Surat. In the past, Dairy Plant was installed in 1959 with the capacity of 65000 LPD. Before the year 1959, Milk Producers of bharuch in bad situation. They didn’t have any systematic network for dealing the milk in the city & people couldn’t get quality milk. In the year 1959, District Registrar Shri Chaturbhai Patel had announced the concept of the co-operative dairy to the people of Bharuch District in Open meet. By getting motivation from Amul co-operative Dairy Pattern and with the efforts of all leaders and milk produces society from Bharuch, Jambusar, Hansot, Nandod, etc. Talukas first time proposal for Bharuch dairy on co-operative basis is sent for Registration into pune. On 18th Dec 1959, the Journey of Dudhdhara Dairy begins. The Organization started unit (Chilling centre) at Bhacharwada (Rajpipla). We added new unit (Chilling centre) at Dediapada and Jambusar in February 2009 and May 2009 Respectively. At present, this organization collecting milk from 654 Dairy co-Operative society located at different villages.

Various dairy co-operative equipped with Milko-Tester. The Dairy of Operation are begin run in accordance with good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The product of the organisation is liquid milk GHEE and Well Equipped with the state of the art technology for quick and efficient milk Reception, processing quality control manufacturing and stroge. Developmental efforts enables dairy to upgrade its Product Constantly and Efficient Quality control ensures that only product meeting the most exacting standard to reach out discerning customers. The dairy is managed by highly qualified, competent and experience Managerial Staff and Dedicated work force to provide highest quality products and best of the services to the customers. The production facilities are backed by quality assurance, training, financial management, system management. The Dairy has well equipped laboratory to test the entire range of the product that it produces to sound back up to quality and food safety assurances program. To further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation and performance, it was decided to go in for implementation of ISO 9001-2015 Quality management system and ISO 22000-2018 Food safety system to eventually get certification and international recognition