HRD & Employee Benefit Schemes


  • Canteen : The organization provides the well ventilated and adequate facility of canteen. Good quality nutritious food is provided on subsidized rates; round the clock.
  • Rest room & change room : The well ventilated rest room & change room with sufficient facilities of bath; latrines, urinals etc. are provided. The locker facility is also provided to all the shift employees.
  • Comfortable Work Atmosphere : The employees are provided all possible comforts at their workplace.
  • Uniform : All the employees get their four pairs of uniform, every two year.
  • Emergency Van & First Aid Box : The facility of an emergency van is made available for employees, round the clock. The first aid medicine box with required medicines and a trained person is also made available round the clock at Time Keeping Office.
  • Salary Advance : Every employees are given advance.
  • Leave Travel Concession (LTC) : The facility of the LTC is provided to every on roll in (Grade) employees for Rs.3500/- every years.
  • Get together Programme : This Programme is held every year on the occasion of ‘Sharad Purnima’ in presence of Chairman and Board of Directors in the dairy campus.


  • Provident Fund Scheme : Employees’ Provident Fund Act was introduced by Central Government in 1952, in order to provide financial support to maintain the standard of living of employees after retirement and/or of his family after death. The minimum 10 years of service is required for getting the pension benefits under the scheme.
  • The 12 % of the salary of employee is deducted from the salary for provident fund and the milk union adds 12 % of the salary to the P.F.Fund. Out of 24 % of total contribution, 8.33 % contribution is deposited in employee’s pension scheme.
  • All employees are covered under the PF Scheme. Employees get the fast settlement of their claims, post retirement and loans for the different purpose as per PF rules. Under the scheme, the milk union has linked the ‘Employees deposit linked Insurance Scheme’ with LIC. Employees therefore are benefited more than what they are supposed to gain as per the act.
  • Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme: The union introduced the Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme for the benefit of employees. If employee dies during the service, the family members of the deceased employee will get the insurance benefit of maximum Rs. 3,00,000/-.
  • Workman Compensation (W.C.) Policy: During the course of services and out the course of services, if an employee is met with an accident, he will get the medical expenses as well as other compensation under the scheme.
  • Group Gratuity Scheme: The Milk Union has arranged for the policy from LIC of India to offer more benefits under the scheme to the employees. If employee dies during the service before the age of Super Annuation, his dependent will get the 100 % amount of gratuity. Employee get the gratuity @ 20 days for every completed year of his/her service instead of 15 days gratuity as per the provision of the Act.


  • Depending upon the need of the employee, the milk union is arranging different training programs for their ease in working/performing a task. Every year, all departmental heads identify the training needs of their employees depending upon their performance. After identification of training need, milk union is arranging the in-house/external training programs for the concern employees to meet their required skill.
  • The employees are deputed for attending technical seminars; workshops and conferences at various places in the country and abroad; regularly; to help them to get exposures on the latest development in their respective fields.